My "Park Hyatt New York" Review

This was almost as good as it gets.

If you ever have a chance to stay here, DO IT! It's a category 7 Hyatt Property which is very expensive. Everything about my stay here was grand, from the city view indoor pool on the 26th floor to the gym to the perfect location. It was a once in a lifetime hotel stay from a very frugal traveler like myself. The only thing that was wrong was the way I wasn't informed of all the amenities at the front desk by my check in girl. It was very disappointing to have to call down and ask stupid questions that should've been addressed at the check in. I would stay here again in a heartbeat if I can ever afford it. It's 30,000 Hyatt points or $900-1300 a room a night. I was able to stay 2 nights for FREE with my 2 free night award stays because I have the Hyatt Chase Visa credit card. It also comes with one free night stay a year at a category 4 or lower.

I live in NYC for half the year. There is no other city in the world like it. The different cultures and nationalities speaking hundreds of different languages all living on a 14 square mile island. Anything you can think of you can find it here, from different foods to shopping to experiences.

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Gardens By The Bay - Most magical show ever

(My review of the Supergrove Trees light show at Marina Bay Sands)

Light and music show every night starting at 7:45pm lasting till 8pm, then another an hour later. I stumbled upon these gigantic AVATAR-like trees on the other side of the Mandalay Bay Sands hotel. I saw these trees and gardens the day before from high atop the Singapore Flyer ferris wheel. So I decided the next night to go explore and I'm so glad I did. SO what happens, is, there are around 15 huge, tall trees that light up and change colors while music is being played. I didn't do any research about this place beforehand which was a nice surprise. As I was taking long exposure shots of the trees the music began. They started playing Disney songs and the trees came alive. Now I'm a HUGE Disney fan, so to me this was very magical. Great for all ages, if you like that kind of thing. Not all the songs were from Disney movies, but you get the idea. Overall I'd say you MUST experience this show while you're in Singapore. Hands down!

I am already planning my next trip to one of my favorite destinations in the world so far, SINGAPORE! The CLEANEST city with the best all around tourist layout of any place I have been before.

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Going on a round the world trip - 2019/2020


I’m soon to pack my backpack full of camera gear and a small amount of clothing. Cuz what’s more important? What I look like or capturing all the adventures for you guys? Exactly! Flying from New York City to Europe for a couple of months then straight to South East Asia and beyond. All in all it will be 5 straight months of traveling with just me and my filming gear.

I plan on capturing a load of content on each destination I come to, but also some behind the scenes of the journey too get there as well. This is the beginning of my blog and my website and a YouTube channel to follow.

You can follow most of my content so far on my Instagram account @thetouristchris

I have busted my butt for the last 7 months saving every penny that I have made so that I can chase my dreams and travel. It is not easy at all to sacrifice going out or buying things you want at the time. I always look at it like the money I save by not doing those things will benefit me in the future doing something I love to do.

My passport is renewed and I am ready to jump on the next flight out.

Talk to you soon,